Charlie’s Grandpa – Friday Fictioneers




Photo prompt©Rochelle Risoff-Fields

Photo prompt©Rochelle Risoff-Fields 

Sorry Fictioneers, this did start out as a comic piece but that dark side intervened again.

‘My Gramps lived in there.’

‘The brick place?’


‘That big white place on the hill?’


‘Where then?’

‘In there. Next to the blue one.’

‘Don’t be stupid. No one lives in a bottle.’

‘My Gramps did! Mum told me he was in there.’

‘No way. And anyway, how did he get inside?’


‘There’s no such thing!’

‘Yes there is. My mum said so.’

‘It’s impossible. I can’t even slide my finger in.’

‘No stupid. You need to be transformed.’

‘To what?’

‘Ash.’ organises the successful Friday Fictioneers. Authors write a piece of 100 word fiction on a photo prompt and exchange comments on their work.  Come and join us and see where your imagination takes you. Thank you Rochelle for keeping this group active.


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16 responses to “Charlie’s Grandpa – Friday Fictioneers

  1. jellico84

    ooouuuu, I like it! The last word says it all!

  2. Thank you Sandra. It was fun to write but after I posted it I did worry that it might upset some of the readers.

  3. Dear Lindy,

    This puts me in mind of an old song by Henson Cargill called Skip a Rope. Not so much the subject matter but the line in the song that says, “Ain’t it kinda funny what the children say.” The dialogue told the whole story. Very well done.


    PS Just in case you aren’t familiar with the song.

  4. Caerlynn Nash

    It did end up dark, but I like how you got there. Well done.

  5. gahlearner

    This made me smile despite the darkish theme. It’s so true, for children these ideas are absolutes. Grandpa is in there means grandpa is in there, no ifs and buts. Fun story.

  6. He may have been in there, but not alive. It’s funny they way kids perceive things.

  7. Ashley had better watch out if there’s a fire about

  8. Graham Lawrence

    Dark indeed!

  9. Thanks for commenting Bjorn. I can’t seem to escape from that side.

  10. It was some humor here… but dark, and it seems to be the trend this week… Love the dialogue.

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