PHOTO PROMPT © Shaktiki Sharma

PHOTO PROMPT © Shaktiki Sharma

‘It’ll be finished in time.’

Each week, my scepticism expands along with my tummy. It’s Roger’s fault, always trying to save pennies.

Mum warned me. ‘A first date at a burger bar should tell you something,’ The next morning, I tried to describe his wit and academic prowess but her lips pursed. She held back further criticism; however her eyes said it all.

Defending him is second nature and many say that I deserve better.

Next week my newborn becomes Roger’s heir. Before long, I will be a widow and the serious building work can start.


Thank you to Rochelle at She organises the Friday Fictioneers. Authors write a piece of 100 word fiction based on a photo prompt and exchange comments on their work.  If you are a writer of short fiction, join us and see where your imagination takes you.



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12 responses to “Assets

  1. Defense seems to be more for show!

  2. It sounds like she has it all planned. Let’s hope Roger’s heir inherits something substantial.

  3. Wonderful twist in the ending – love her determination.

  4. Yes Rochelle. Is a beautiful face in a young body worth it I wonder?

  5. Dear Lindy,

    Sounds like poor Roger’s fate is sealed.



  6. gahlearner

    Oops, she has a sound plan for her future. If the, err, process of becoming a widow is as well planned, her future is rosy. Great story.

  7. She defends him, but she’s not blind to his faults

  8. Great twist at the end, a devious woman! Good writing.

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