A Very Good Year?

Every December 31st I celebrate an end and a beginning. Although I am an intelligent woman, I somehow expect that ticking of the clock hand into the new year to signal a great change of fortune. It will come as no surprise that by January 2nd most years, my expectations have become more realistic and I settle into normal life.

2017 had 2 days of normality before fate started throwing darts designed to pierce my optimistic spirit. It is now 13 days in to the new year and I have spent 8 of those days at the hospital bedside of my partner. Not a good start. Anyone who has spent time in hospitals know that it is impossible to focus on anything other than the person in the bed and so although I can read a novel, it is a half-heart attempt and trying to do any creative writing is beyond my emotional ability.

So my dear followers, forgive this break while I try to deal with life’s trauma. I hope to be renewed with my writing passion soon.


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2 responses to “A Very Good Year?

  1. I’m sorry your partner has been in the hospital. Living life and being there for those in your life is much more important than blogs or even creative writing. I hope you can soon be in a better emotional space.

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