Paying the Penalty for an Active Life

My hobbies include dancing, zumba, gym work, spinning, walking, swimming and other forms of exercise and I was led to believe this would keep me well into my more mature years but here I am with worn out knees – too young for replacements but showing signs of wear and tear which are affecting my lifestyle.

In the UK there is much discussion around how the NHS can fund future treatments and one area of debate is hip/knee surgery. If recommendations of weight bearing exercise to counteract the effects of the menopause continue, it is likely that many more people will suffer from similar worn-out joints to mine. We will live in a society of people unable to leave their homes, causing further strain on social services.

Having worked in the NHS I do believe that we should be responsible for our own good health and try to limit expenditure on non-essential treatments however I also know that we must find a solution to the problems that will arise if we do not help people with worn out joints.

I don’t have an answer but know that there needs to be a discussion about the perils facing the next generations of elderly.

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  1. Thank you for connecting to me and look forward to more of your posts.. Sally

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