Do it Now

This blog post on is a reflection of the reality of life. The young become old and repeat the words of the previous generations.


By Lyrical Sixties

“Do it, do it now,” said the old, “before it’s too late.”
“There’s time,” said I, “there’s time yet.”
“No,” said the old, “do it now, now before it’s too late.”
“Yes, yes” said I,
Before it’s too late.

I had time, lots of time, so I thought,
And I did do some, but not all.
And the some was good. But some I did not do.
I did not say things I should have said,
And I did not do things I should have done,
And now it’s too late.

And now I am the old,
And I say, “Do it, do it now before it’s too late.”

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2 responses to “Do it Now

  1. And then there are the things we wish we’d never done. Another story. 🙂
    When I see teens hunching over I think, “If you only knew that your bones will grow according to your posture, just like mine have. You’ll have a crooked spine and lots of headaches because of it when you hit forty.” But would any teen appreciate being told that fact?

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