First Bike – Friday Fictioneers

Photo Prompt ©Jennifer Pendergast

‘That one Mummy.’

When she walked on without an acknowledgement, he planted his bottom on the grass, crossed arms over his chest and stared at the back of her head, challenging her to a stand-off.

‘I want that bike.’

Disguising her smile, Mary turned around and retorted, ‘Want doesn’t get. Maybe if you’re a good boy, Santa will bring one.’

‘Red with black wheels.’

‘We’ll see what he brings. Come on now. Let’s meet Daddy.’

Henry waited in the cafe and winked with a nod at Mary as she lowered into the chair. Her precious boy would get his wish.


Time is short this week. Visitors are in residence and I am trying to stick to my resolve to write stories without going to the dark side so forgive this light bit of fluff and any editing errors. I hope that you enjoy it nonetheless.

A shout out to the amazing Rochelle at She organises the photo prompts and links for the Friday Fictioneers. 

Authors write a piece of 100 word fiction, prose or poetry based on a photo prompt and exchange comments on each other’s work.  If you are a writer of short fiction, join in and let your imagination feed us with your stories. 



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24 responses to “First Bike – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Cute tale of everyday life.

  2. Was a good taste of life 🙂

  3. Sweet. And a spec for the forthcoming bike too… 🙂

  4. Oh the innocence of small children 🙂

  5. You drew the image of the stubborn child perfectly. Nice!

  6. michael1148humphris

    I am worried about this little boy, a bike should be earned not demanded. But I would also give in.🙂

    • Interesting thought Mike. I guess that we all want to give things to improve the lives of our children whether they are items, health or security. Thanks for the comments.

  7. Dear Lindy,

    You can feel the anticipation of seeing the look on the boy’s face in both parents. Sweet story. Congratulations on the coming grandchild. 😀



    • Thank you Rochelle for the comments and also your good wishes. I am excited. Having been present at the birth of so many in my career as a midwife and therefore been privileged to be part of that wondrous time, it will be one of life’s greatest moments to meet my baby’s baby.

  8. Love the sweetness of this tale, and the fact that I’m all giddy with anticipation of his delight. Few things are as glorious as being able to make our children happy.

  9. gahlearner

    No twist needed in a lovely tale with kids and good parents. 🙂

  10. Always nice to have a bit of light fluff every so often! Sweet tale.

  11. Dale

    That was sweet. Love when parents are in cahoots with each other for their children…

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