Cruise Ships Going Nowhere

The travel industry struggles to cope during the worldwide transmission of an unseen enemy and companies are having to find parking places for their ships and planes.

The beautiful bay between the Solent entrance and the entrance to Poole Harbour on the south coast of England is currently hosting 5 large cruise ships. They have been anchored here while they await better times for travel. Sometimes they power away, probably up and down the coast to give their systems a boost and a few days later, they return to their positions. Local cruise ferries have taken the opportunity to sail close, giving the tourists a fabulous view of these majestic ships.


Old Harry Rocks, seen in the photograph below, erupt from the sea off the Headland of the Purbeck Peninsula and mark the end of the bay. Standing high on the cliff offers a fabulous view of the ships with a backdrop of the sandy beaches of Bournemouth and Poole.

For several months, nearby Bournemouth Airport became a car park for large planes, the majority were British Airways machines, while they waited for the resumption of air travel. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a photo due to stopping restrictions but it was an incredible sight to witness our local runways crammed with jumbos, etc.

My memories of the Pandemic will be made up of these wonderful sights as well as the emotional upheaval and sacrifice. Someone taught me to write down 5 good things that happen in each day and this has been a great tool for coping in these strange times.

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