Infinity – A story for Friday Fictioneers

Photo Prompt © CEAyr

On her 18th, he gave her the bracelet and a gold heart, the charm representing new love.

At 21, she unwrapped a miniature champagne bottle to add to the collection in addition to a diamond for her finger.

They married and a baby soon joined their family.

The bracelet filled, and by the time they celebrated their 25th anniversary, the jeweller struggled to find space for the infinity charm. He soldered it between mini wedding rings and a tiny cradle but loops of infinity hooked other treasures, making it difficult to wear.

Infinity didn’t last. Nor did their marriage.

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by the wonderful Rochelle at  Every week, flash fiction lovers write 100 words (more or less) of short fiction, poetry, prose, etc in response to a photo prompt. We share our ideas and comment on others’ work through the link on Rochelle’s website.


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11 responses to “Infinity – A story for Friday Fictioneers

  1. Good story. The last line is short but cruel, cutting off infinity in four words…

  2. Aww! The marriage, after 25 years, didn’t last? How sad!

  3. It reminded me of my Mum’s charm bracelet when I was a youngster, it fascinated me. Shame about the marriage

  4. What a shame. Symbols and superstition seem to work against each other in this case.

  5. From all those beautiful memories to a thump. Hopefully, she can hold on to the good stuff as she moves forward.

  6. What a beautiful little story here. Would love to see that bracelet in reality, too. What a story it could tell.

  7. Wow, that brought me down to earth with a bump;!

  8. Oops! But then everything human doesn’t last.

  9. Well I don’t know, 25 years is a pretty good innings these days!

  10. Nothing lasts forever. Sad tale of life.

  11. Some infinities are larger than others

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