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Writing on a Public Forum Again

Life has a habit of introducing challenges when you don’t expect them and my life has certainly experienced a few upheavals in recent months. Sadly this has affected my writing and I find that most of my work has not been fit for purpose or this site. It’s dark and depressing and so, has remained private.

But now, following the excellent Mslexicon writing weekend in Leeds, I am supercharged and ready to go with my pen, paper and electronic writing gadgets.

Organised by Mslexia, the magazine for female writers, this first weekend event had a full schedule of speakers and workshops designed for the creative and business needs of the writer.

While there, I met a talented photographer and was impressed by the story of her success. She had the spirit and courage to pursue her dreams and I urge you to look at her website

Sophie Hannah and Jackie Kay entertained us in the evenings and agents and publishers gave us valuable advice.

Sophie has created a new online programme to help writers with motivation, overcoming blocks, time management, etc. It’s called ‘Dream Author’ and I have enrolled for the first year, hoping that I renew my passion for creating stories.

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The Saga of My Right Leg

I do not plan these things. This is the second time I have broken my right ankle, the third time I have injured this foot and the fifth time I have injured this leg.  My family want to wrap me in cotton wool and I can’t say that I blame them. My future daughter-in-law once came to visit with instructions to keep an eye on me and warnings that I would almost certainly fall at some time during her stay. Sure enough, on her last day I tumbled and ended up with a broken ankle.

Drains in Spain like to gobble up my leg and that is how I ended up on crutches this time. Do doctors appreciate how hard it is to get around on crutches? Non weight bearing  is not easy! Yesterday my crutches wobbled and I nearly came to grief.

I am seriously fed up with my right leg and am thinking that I should trade it in.



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