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Does Price Dropping Work?

The ebook version of Silencio has now been discounted to £.99 for 9 days. At the end of the 14 day period, I will evaluate the impact of price on sales. I am not sure how sensitive pricing is in the debut novel market.

Have any of my readers put their own books in to a price drop situation? How successful was it at driving sales? I will enjoy reading about your experiences.


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London Book Fair



After years of writing, editing, and living Silencio, it was incredible to see my novel on the stand at London Book Fair 2016. The fair is an industry event and some authors find it difficult to enjoy however I love everything about books and so the business side also interests me. Well-known writers including Marian Keyes, Jeffery Archer, Meg Roscoff participated in interviews but the most impressive was Judith Kerr, in her 90’s and as sharp as a youngster. As usual, there were interesting presentations at the Writer’s Centre which included advice about public relations, marketing, self-publishing through different forums and how to beat the slush pile.

I have returned to my office ready to write.

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Now that Silencio is in print, I am a GoodReads author.

I have been a member of the online GoodReads Book community for a few years and love sharing thoughts on my readings and favourite authors. I often act on the suggestions from others of what to put on my to-read shelf. The groups I am a member of are varied – feminist writings, ex-pats, author/reader… The Ask the Author sessions are fascinating, both as a writer and a reader.

If you like to read, I can recommend this interactive community.

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