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Hot Zumba

Today’s post is going to read like a journal entry for which I do make apologies. Some friends are expected for a BBQ so time is limited and my heavy duty exercise this morning has burnt my brain so very little is left to fuel my imagination. The best things about BBQ’s is that men love to do the cooking! So all I have to do is set the table, prepare the salad, clean the house, do the dessert, etc. Funny things BBQ’s aren’t they? A load of chargrilled raw meat which would normally taste so much better with a lovely creamy sauce and you have to wonder what is the attraction?

Started today with a really hot session of zumba. After a really well attended charity event the class size has doubled. Imagine lots of sweaty women jumping and dancing about shaking their hips in a room with one small window for ventilation and you should appreciate that the experience is similar to being in a sauna. As we indulged last night in a delicious Thai meal though there is no doubt it is necessary if I want to continue wearing the same size clothing!

Tomorrow I start my on line course writing a novel. I have already been in touch with fellow participants and am really looking forward to getting started. I have been working on my novel and had some great ideas from some readers I know about what they like. I just need to put those into practice in a way which is exciting and readable. My novel is set in different time periods with some historical reference and I do need to do some more research to ensure that I don’t get challenged by experts in that period. By October I hope to be at the point of sending it out to agents and publishers so watch this space. The short story writing may take a back seat during the next six months. Hopefully I will get time to develop my play further. I don’t really want to lose the momentum on that one.

Off to London next week for a few days of shopping, eating and sight seeing with friends. Now that is what I call great travel. No matter where I go in the world I do think that London is the most amazing city with something for everyone. I hope to get some great pictures and do some character observations for this blog.


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Making the Ideal Match

As a writer one has to appeal to current trends in thinking about all sorts of things. I was thinking about this yesterday when I was socializing with a group of people who had all been in long term relationships. Partners were met at dances or work and often they had dated for a number of weeks or months before making any emotional (and sometimes physical) commitment. We were discussing our young relatives and how difficult it seems for them to meet partners. Part of this seemed to be blamed on the tendency for relationships to become very intense quite quickly not allowing time for any kind of underlying friendship to develop.

It struck me that as a writer of a novel with two stories, one set in the past and one in current day, that I would have to make sure that my modern day audience appreciated those differences otherwise there is a potential for the reader to become frustrated by what is perceived as a lack of reality in the way the relationship develops. Today I am going to review some of my writing and make sure that the younger adult understands the social constraints of the time. I have an added complication because that part of the novel is set in a foreign country as well in a time of conflict so I am currently researching how the local communities socialized during that period.

Of course all of that will be done after I go and shake my booty at zumba this morning. Love it!!

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What writing, Let’s dance instead

After the trauma of losing my flash fiction efforts yesterday to the big space in the sky I decided to take a break from the writing this morning and headed off to the beach with a number of other zumba followers. We danced for two hours and I returned with a much more enthusiastic approach to my computer. Even though it betrayed me in the worse way possible yesterday, I have made peace with it. One always gets told the machine is only as good as the info you put in but I actually quite liked my little effort yesterday! Madison I am looking forward to the next photo and will try again.

My novel has been sitting neglected ever since I discovered the joys of the blog so I have given myself a stern lecture about time management and shall be putting more hours in this week. I have even started to put time blocks into my diary.

I was speaking with a friend about the discussions on the blogs about punctuation and she admitted that she had developed a habit of putting an exclamation mark at the end of most of her sentences. That made me look at my writing and I think that at times I also indiscriminately do the same. Maybe it is because I like to be quite expressive in my speech and that transfers over to my writing. Or maybe it’s because I am a bit deaf (as I’m not yet considered old it must be due to the rather loud music concerts I attended as a youngster) and so everything has to be stressed!

So followers forgive me if I go over the top on the !!!!! but be thankful you are not listening to me as that can be so much worse!


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Welcome to my writing portfolio


Hi. I am glad that you are visiting my blog site. Some examples of my writing are here for you to enjoy including up to date short stories and flash fiction. Welcome to the bizarre, funny, sad, dark, romantic and other worlds created by my imagination.

I welcome comments and feedback.

All stories are my original work and my copyright and can not be copied or distributed without my express permission.

You can buy my novel Silencio by following the links under the section ‘Buy My Novels’.

If you are interested in the research and background to Silencio or my new work A Life on the Line and/or want to know more about me or listen to my radio interviews why not take a look at my website http://www.laberrynovels.org


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