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Yesterday I was at lunch with another writer, a man whom I had never met nor heard of. He is writing his third novel and sells the others as e-books on Amazon. By co-incidence, I met another writer last week who is writing his first novel.

All three of us are having a completely different experience. One pays for and uses a mentor to review his work while it is in progress. The other writes and sends to an editor. I, on the other hand, like to get my work well under way before I show it to anyone, although I am a member of an on-line support group.

Yesterday’s writer approached a few agents in the early days but found it a frustrating exercise and is managing to market and sell his work on the internet. The other is not at the stage of approaching agents; however, that is part of his plan.

All of us are over 50 years old and have the luxury of time to write. We are also inspired by our life experiences and have decent stories to tell. Self publishing allows us to put our work out there yet each of us would love to acquire the ultimate of a literary agent and a publishing deal.

There are so many of us with that goal that it could frighten an aspiring author.


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