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The Nano Experience

Only 8 days are left to get to the 50000 word goal of the Nano challenge and I am floundering with 20000 left to create.

Earlier this month, my daughter’s family moved in with a 3 1/2 year old whirlwind toddler and I find myself struggling to stay awake past 8pm. Her witching hour starts at 4 and lasts until bedtime at 7pm. Who knew that one little person could create such havoc?

So I have to learn forgiveness for myself – I am not a super-nanabee and a super-writer. If I have to be one or the other, the sweet little hugs will always win out.

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Nano 2020

I came into contact with Covid 19 and at first, I was angry as I had taken on board all of the advice about social distancing, hand washing and mask wearing.

However, once my anger had worn off, I realised this was an opportunity. I could do the National Novel Writing Month of November.

Often I don’t write because I am ‘too busy’, ‘too tired’, ‘wanting to be with my family’. In fact there are hundreds of reasons why my second novel has taken me so long to write.

Now, after completing the excellent ‘Dream Author Coaching Programme’, created and run by the brilliant Sophie Hannah, I had some tools to overcome the obstacles, and self isolation would give me the opportunity to put these to good use.

7 days in to Nano and I have written more than 10000 words, some of them terrible but with some gems nestling in there. Always an avid brainstormer, the deadline and pressure of Nano suits my creative spirit and after years of trying to give this novel some momentum, it is taking shape.

Some of my fellow Faber Academy Alumni are also tackling the challenge and we have formed a group to help with motivation, etc.

If any of you are also doing the challenge, please feel free to buddy up with me on the Nano website. My Nano name is lindybee.

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