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Day 3 of Scrivener

I finally made it through the Tutorial and have input the information on my characters and settings using the templates, uploaded my first chapter onto the editor and created some categories for my research binder. Now, in theory, I am ready to continue writing. However, I still have to work out how to use the inspector effectively. Apparently this will show me a synopsis of what I am working on in an index card type of display.

Okay, jargon aside, let me discuss what I have discovered so far.

Hurray, I will not lose my place in my work if I am working on page 3 and want to look at page 999 (I wish) to check consistency.

I will be able to look at the story line for each character by hitting a few buttons.

My research can be held on tap so that I am able to switch views between it and my document.

At the end (in 1, 2 or however many years it takes) I will be able to convert the document into any format I wish.

Sadly, the package will not replace adjectives with strong verbs, write what I know, or create the perfect best-selling novel.

Update in a few days everyone.

By the way, one of my readers, scottishmomus at wordpress, used a different package called Yriter5 and was pleased with its performance.

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