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The Fitness Test That Went Wrong

Earlier this week, I attended my new gym for a fitness assessment. I managed to stand on the scales (Horror!!) and endure the tape measure but within five seconds of starting the fitness part of the test, I tore a muscle in my calf. Even though I was shocked by the injury, this type of event does not surprise anyone who knows me – I am accident prone.  My mother often retells a story of when I disappeared on to the ground after a meal in a restaurant and my daughter warned her colleagues at the sports holiday resort she worked at that they would recognise me when I fell down the airplane’s steps (I actually made it to the resort but promptly took a tumble and couldn’t do any sports the entire holiday). My future daughter-in-law was warned to look after me in Spain – I fell and broke my ankle giving her a guilt complex forever.

Image result for clip art images injuries

I have had injuries in some of the best places – a broken cheek in the Caribbean, severe leg injuries after water-skiing in Greece. I even broke my hand while working as a nurse in the Accident & Emergency department.

I once read that injury prone people are focused too much on what is coming instead of living in the present. Maybe I was trying to avoid an exposure of my level of fitness!

Oh well, the good news is that I am forced to stay put and write so my new novel should benefit.

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Moving it

I have just watched a video of Michelle Obama dancing in the Let’s Move campaign. What a great inspiration for people to get up and have fun. Luckily I found a fantastic zumba teacher near to my home and every week I spend at least three days a week jumping around like a mad woman to the varied beats. The youngest in our class started when she was about eight and the oldest is over 70 and even on the days that every joint is protesting, I go because dance brings a smile to my face and to my heart.

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Liebster Award – The answers so far

Firstly thank you to Nina of http://www.awritersfountain.wordpress.com for nominating my blog for the Liebster Award. I am touched by the tribute. I am doing my thing in stages as I am under pressure to finish my novel so forgive the delay but my own nominations will be made in a few days.

11 Facts about me

1. In my previous life I was a nurse and midwife

2. I sailed across the Atlantic

3. I speak some Spanish

4. I love to dance.

5. I am a course junkie and love studying.

6. I did a practical course about motor maintenance and used to be able to do all of my own car service.

7. I was on the cover of a motoring magazine in my younger days.

8. I had a poem published when I was 14 years old.

9. I love popcorn.

10. I read everything including the back of the cereal box.

11. I write from my dark side but am ever so jolly in real life.


The 11 Questions that Nina asked me to answer;

  1. What is your favourite book?This is a difficult question to answer as I love so many books for many different reasons. Some of my favourites are ‘Shadow of the Wind’, ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’, ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’, ‘Pride and Prejudice’, ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’, ‘Wild Swans’
  2. What would be your chosen pen name? Lindy the bestselling author
  3. What’s your favourite film(s)? Gone With the Wind (I’m a romantic at heart)
  4. Do you have any hobbies or things you like to do in your spare time? I love dancing modern jive and zumba, reading, writing of course, learning Spanish (there are not enough hours in the day)
  5. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would that be? Everywhere. I love travelling. My favourite place was the Antartic – I couldn’t get enough of ice and penguins.
  6. The greatest lesson you have learnt in life? Happiness is being with people I love.
  7. Your hopes for the future? (Could be your future, the planet, your Country) To stay healthy and win the lottery so that I can give my kids a house.
  8. Name three things you did this morning. Went to gym (yuck), posted a competition entry, waved at someone out of my window.
  9. What was your first job? Breaking chicken at a fast food restaurant; then I got to toss the burgers.
  10. Who is your hero/ person you admire and are inspired by? My daughter. She has not allowed setbacks in life to get her down and reminds me that she is the greatest achievement in my life.
  11. If you could change 1 thing about yourself what would it be? I would have the energy that I had in my 20’s, the passion of my 30’s, the wisdom and patience of my 40’s; more than one I know but the list could go on.


Have fun and display your banners proudly!

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Is Love Hard Work?

Hi. I hope that you all remember me. I haven’t had time to write on my blogsite recently due to the difficulties of writing a realistic love scene. In my novel there is a lovely young heroine and a good looking young man and plenty of opportunity so it should be easy. Until I put pen to paper. Then it is disaster. Tantalising touch becomes heavy handed and the words become sticky – like glue. Instead of a scene of passion, my efforts read like a newspaper report. And so, I edit and re-edit and re-re-edit. And finally end up with a just passable love scene.

In addition to my writing I have been zumba dancing to raise money for a cancer support charity. Five and a half hours was not good for the knees although it was a lot of fun and we did raise quite a bit of money. I have come to the conclusion that we zumbettes are mad. Some research was published recently which said that joint deterioration (particularly in the knees) can be due to too much or too little exercise. I am not sure which category I fall into.

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A Writer’s View of Hearing Loss

As one of my new writing projects I have started a blog http://withoutasense.blogspot.com.es/ about hearing loss. I am going to try to create an interactive site with some of the trials and tribulations, some of the humour, useful tips, new products etc, all connected with the subject of hearing loss.

I am not totally deaf however when I was in my early 30’s I started noticing that I was missing words and sounds. Now in my mid 50’s I have had 20 years of experience of what it is like to live with reduced hearing. This is a condition which affects a huge number of people and can lead to social isolation for many. It can affect careers, home life, friendships and more. I have decided to take positive action to encourage others with hearing loss to avoid social isolation by promoting an open discussion forum about the condition.

Pleases stop by and take a look at my blog. It is in the infant stages however I hope that with feedback it will grow and maybe in the future will be a source of support and inspiration to anyone who begins to notice they are turning up the volume.

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Ice in the Drink

Yesterday I wrote on my blog that I had written my first short piece for http://www.stayfantastic.com. The above picture is a clue to the topic. This great new site will be addressing a variety of issues affecting those of us in our middle years. It will be live soon so don’t forget to have a look. If any of you middle agers out there have any suggestions for topics you would like us to cover please send me a comment here at writelindy.wordpress or stayfantastic.com.



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Zumba Fun

For me there is a fine line between enjoying going to a gym and hating it. Sitting on a bike which doesn’t go anywhere or climbing stairs to nowhere can be very boring, no matter how many televisions the manufacturers put on, above or elsewhere on the equipment. Team sports are not an option when you don’t have a normal 9-5 regime and besides I don’t think any of the captains would want someone of my age in their team.

The discovery of zumba a couple of years ago made an incredible difference to my life. I am now more fit than I was 10 years ago, can eat chocolate without watching the pounds pile on and I have made a number of great friends. There is nothing like shaking your booty with a bunch of other women who err on the wrong side of middle age to create that wonderful bond of laughter that encourages friendship. Now this exercise craze is becoming big business with new classes springing up every week. So, I would encourage any of you to try it and see. You may love it. Don’t worry about looking like a fool – everyone is so busy concentrating that no one will notice what you are doing!




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What is life like for the new Middle Agers?

Do you consider yourself in your middle years? Is that how you are perceived by others? I am shortly going to be writing a column for this age group and would be really interested in any feedback you might wish to give me about life as a middle ager. Examples of concerns may be things such as:

Are you able to buy clothes which reflect your style?

What types of holidays appeal to you?

What books do you like to read?

Are you able to join in with local exercise classes, gyms, etc or are they aimed at the wrong age group for you?

How much of an outcast do you feel in some environments? ie, Discos, bars etc

How difficult is it to meet people in middle age and why? Where do you meet new people? How is dating as a middle ager?

The above are just some of the things which have come up in recent conversations with other middle agers. There have been many more. Please let me know what you think, what experiences you have had, etc.

I haven’t been writing on my blog over recent weeks for a number of pitiful reasons. Sometimes life gets in the way of my writing and no matter how hard I try, when I eventually manage to sit down to write my eyelids fall with exhaustion. Now things are settling down once again with family celebrations over, medical matters dealt with and the chores just about finished and by next week I should be back in full writing mode.

Don’t forget to let me know about your middle age experience.


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Hot Zumba

Today’s post is going to read like a journal entry for which I do make apologies. Some friends are expected for a BBQ so time is limited and my heavy duty exercise this morning has burnt my brain so very little is left to fuel my imagination. The best things about BBQ’s is that men love to do the cooking! So all I have to do is set the table, prepare the salad, clean the house, do the dessert, etc. Funny things BBQ’s aren’t they? A load of chargrilled raw meat which would normally taste so much better with a lovely creamy sauce and you have to wonder what is the attraction?

Started today with a really hot session of zumba. After a really well attended charity event the class size has doubled. Imagine lots of sweaty women jumping and dancing about shaking their hips in a room with one small window for ventilation and you should appreciate that the experience is similar to being in a sauna. As we indulged last night in a delicious Thai meal though there is no doubt it is necessary if I want to continue wearing the same size clothing!

Tomorrow I start my on line course writing a novel. I have already been in touch with fellow participants and am really looking forward to getting started. I have been working on my novel and had some great ideas from some readers I know about what they like. I just need to put those into practice in a way which is exciting and readable. My novel is set in different time periods with some historical reference and I do need to do some more research to ensure that I don’t get challenged by experts in that period. By October I hope to be at the point of sending it out to agents and publishers so watch this space. The short story writing may take a back seat during the next six months. Hopefully I will get time to develop my play further. I don’t really want to lose the momentum on that one.

Off to London next week for a few days of shopping, eating and sight seeing with friends. Now that is what I call great travel. No matter where I go in the world I do think that London is the most amazing city with something for everyone. I hope to get some great pictures and do some character observations for this blog.

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What writing, Let’s dance instead

After the trauma of losing my flash fiction efforts yesterday to the big space in the sky I decided to take a break from the writing this morning and headed off to the beach with a number of other zumba followers. We danced for two hours and I returned with a much more enthusiastic approach to my computer. Even though it betrayed me in the worse way possible yesterday, I have made peace with it. One always gets told the machine is only as good as the info you put in but I actually quite liked my little effort yesterday! Madison I am looking forward to the next photo and will try again.

My novel has been sitting neglected ever since I discovered the joys of the blog so I have given myself a stern lecture about time management and shall be putting more hours in this week. I have even started to put time blocks into my diary.

I was speaking with a friend about the discussions on the blogs about punctuation and she admitted that she had developed a habit of putting an exclamation mark at the end of most of her sentences. That made me look at my writing and I think that at times I also indiscriminately do the same. Maybe it is because I like to be quite expressive in my speech and that transfers over to my writing. Or maybe it’s because I am a bit deaf (as I’m not yet considered old it must be due to the rather loud music concerts I attended as a youngster) and so everything has to be stressed!

So followers forgive me if I go over the top on the !!!!! but be thankful you are not listening to me as that can be so much worse!


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